Saturday, 3 November 2012


The third exhibition I went to was the POP exhibition at the Fashion & Textile museum which is based around british pop culture from the 1950's to the 1970's. I've walked past this museum so many times yet have never thought to look up what they actually have going on in there. Unlike the other exhibitions I've mentioned this one you had to pay for and wasn't really on the same level as Tim Walker and Chanel. In saying that the information you got from it was really interesting and some of the props they had were amazing. I do like just looking at images, but when you have an real life object to actually take in I feel it's so much better. They had things like dome-shaped televisions and a Mickey Mouse table which I loved and wanted to take home (unfortunately I couldn't, obviously) The studded biker jacket is absolutely to DIE for, what a complete gem. The little sets they created really got you into the feel of each era and put into perspective what each era was about, although I did already have an idea it wasn't too in depth.

I would recommend this to fashion students or if you just have a general interest in pop culture. It's £10 for adult entry and £4 for students!

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