Monday, 4 March 2013

Professional Context Part #3

As well as contacting visual merchandisers directly, I’ve looked at Mary Portas’ Windows: The Art of Retail Display book for insight into the industry from her prospective, as she was responsible for rejuvenating Topshop and making it a an aspired shopping destination. 

Professional Context Part #2

Through just a simple Google search, I have found that there are actually companies that specialize in creative design including visual merchandising, which companies actually hire to dress their windows for them. Some of these include Millington Associates and SFD so it isn't necessarily an in-company thing.

Professional Context Research Part #1

For my Professional Context unit at university, I have to undertake a research task into an area of the fashion industry that appeals to me. I chose visual merchandising and am going to present my findings on here as I go along: