Thursday, 8 November 2012

Goodbye Chanel No 5?

On my daily route to uni, I was checking the news on my Telegraph app and was quite surprised to see that Chanel No 5 and many other famous fragrances have come under fire due to one of their main ingredients; Oak moss. It has been said that this ingredient has allgery-inducing factors so could be put on the EU Scientific Committee of Consumer Safety's list of ingredients which is band from being used in perfumes. Other famous fragrances that could be affected include Guelain's Shalimar and Angel by Thierry Mugler.

The committee have also proposed a reduction in the use of 12 specific substances to just 0.01% These include citral, found in lemon and tangerine oils, coumarin, found in tonka beans; and eugenol, a component of rose oil. New regulations are going to be put in place in the fragrance industry by January 2014 so if you're a big fan of Chanel no 5 you better snap up as many bottles as possible before potentially the scent is changed. I'm currently doing a retail and PR project at uni where I have to rebrand the fragrance My Sin which was by Lanvin. Seeing as Chanel No5 is the best selling perfume in the world its considered major competition in the perfume world so if it were to go out of production this could be good for my relaunch of My Sin, but of course very bad for Chanel.

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