Monday, 26 November 2012

Health & Safety Of Cameras and Electronic Flash

 With long cables that run along the floor make sure to tape them down so crew can’t potentially fall over them and hurt themselves.

    When using a camera with a tripod, make sure it is locked into place so it can’t be knocked off and broken. The same goes for lights. For example Tungsten lights need to be at a right angle to minimize the chance of knocking over.

 Turn any equipment off at the mains before unplugging it to avoid electric shocks.

Do not have liquids around equipment, to avoid both damage of equipment and spilling with potential for people to slip over.

If a flash has been used for a large amount of time, don’t touch it incase it’s hot to avoid burning.

Don’t stand in direct line of electronic flash to make sure damage isn’t done to eyes.
With heavy equipment, make sure to carry it properly or get someone who is strong enough
 to carry it to avoid injury.

Turn lights off when not in use/moving around as filament gets very hot when left on for long periods of time and becomes fragile so may break easier.

Do not handle electronic flash with wet hands as this could result in an electric shock.

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