Saturday, 3 November 2012

Little Black Jacket

Another exhibition I went to last week was the The Little Black Jacket exhibition by Chanel at the Saatchi Gallery. This was my first time going to the Saatchi Gallery and I thought it was very cool space. Compared to the Tim Walker exhibition, this was very different; the lighting and the whole feel of it was a lot dimmer and calmer, with uniformity about it as it was all about Chanels iconic jacket, worn both by men and women. All the photos were shot in the same format and all pinned to the wall at eye level. We could also take home a free poster which was a copy of 3 of the portraits from the exhibition.

The main body of the exhibition was based in 3 rooms which you could navigate yourself round. They also had a pitch black room with spot lights on three different larger portraits which I thought were good, they were quite pop art like as well and printed on sheets of glass. I liked how they had a splash of the colour against all the other black and white images.

Admission was again free but unfortunately the exhibition has now finished but fear not Chanel lovers there is a book you can buy with all the images in which is around £60, but it's something you'd keep forever so definitely worth the investment!

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