Friday, 16 November 2012

C'est Chic

That's right, Louis Vuitton's very first viral ad campaign, L'invitation au Voyage, (translated as The Art Of Travel) has been unveiled and has already hit the 7 million views mark on Youtube. It features American model of the moment Arizona Muse and is shot by Dutch fashion photographer due Inez and Vinoodh. The advert is very much in keeping with the brands Parisian roots as Arizona finds a letter containing the cities secrets in a Louis Vuitton trunk. She runs through the Louvre museum, passing the Mona Lisa with a seemingly good looking man on her trail. It ends with her flying away into the sunset in a candy strip hot air balloon, clutching the letter she pulled out of her Louis Vuitton tote bag.

It seems to me more and more high end luxury brands are jumping on the viral campaign band wagon. I've recently seen the Cartier L'odyssee campaign and I fell in love. It apparently took 12 years to make but you can see why in the quality of imagery and CGI they've used. As I also need to promote a brand I have the choice whether or not to make an advert for my fashion retail and PR unit, it seems like this is the way to go seeing as its popularity is growing so rapidly. Take a look at the advert and see what you think!

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