Thursday, 1 November 2012

Master At Work

Last week I went to the Tim Walker exhibition at Somerset House. I hadn't heard of Tim Walker till my uni group all went together as part of the project we're doing. Not knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised, I think his work is amazing and the presentation of it was ultra cool; with over-sized displays to relate to the images themselves and snippets of information from the man himself. I loved the over-exaggerated features of the images and also the quality of image. I found the props so engaging yet you obviously weren't allowed to touch them. They had a huge bumble bee figure playing the cello which was so cool as it looked like a real bumble bee with it's fur and everything!
If you're a big Tim Walker fan and you haven't already gone I definitely suggest going! It's only on till this Sunday (Sunday 4th November) so grab a spare mo to go down. It's also free which is a bonus, especially for us students!

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